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True Grace Manor Diffuser - Library (200ML)

  • True Grace are makers and purveyors of scented candles and other beautifully perfumed goods...

    Manor Inspired by the beautiful country house, its architecture, rooms and gardens. The fragrances are luxurious, unexpected and complex...


    A softly smoked apothecary bottle, full of beautiful fragrance. As the bundle of natural reeds soak up the fragrance, they fill any room with a constant warmth and atmosphere. Presented in our traditional glass, this Library 200ml Room Diffuser was inspired by our life in the country and made by hand in our carbon neutral Wiltshire factory...


    Fragrance : Library


    Notes :

    Top : Smoky, Cade Oil

    Middle : Fir Balsam, Birch

    Base : Woods, Moss


    Walking into a library with the scent of leather covered books, lovingly polished furniture and ancient library shelves. A smoky blend of wood, amber and moss...


    Consists of : An apothecary bottle, fragrance and reeds 200ml / 6.76floz

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