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TAC Naturals 2 x 370g Candle - Now : $99 (U.P: $138)

  • The Aromatherapy Company, established in New Zealand in 1990, has gone on to become a leading supplier of Home Fragrance and Body Care products, which offers Therapy Core Range beneficial for the mind, body and soul, using a range of natural essential oils and blended them to help bring their benefits for everyday life  


    The Naturals Range offers four distinct fragrances deeply inspired by the vast and unique landscape of New Zealand - Alpine, Coast, Forest and River.


    Fragrances :

    Forest : Evergreen & Freesia

    Evergreen & Freesia is inspired by the distinct, deep notes of sandalwood with light, sensual floral notes, which capture the natural beauty of lush green landscapes. From the dense and crisp, pristine forest, to blanketing steep-sided valleys, blends a sparkling freshness and uplifting exotic depth. Evergreen & Freesia embraces the sensation of being cradled in the heart of the forest.


    River : Waterlily & Geranium

    Waterlily & Geranium entices the senses with light and fresh accords of watery florals that embrace the magnificent abundance of pristine clean, clear waters with layers of the sweetly, delicate blooms laced with the depth and intensity of peppery and musk undertones. Waterlily & Geranium reflects the peaceful tranquility of luminous lakes and rivers.


    Made in New Zealand