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My Fragrances Dolce Vita 500ml Diffuser - Emotion Of Sea

SKU: MYF-447210
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  • Emotion Of Sea

    A storm on the sea wets of marine water jasmines and wild sage, the sea breeze fills the air of an aromatic freshness. Emotion of Sea is a light and charismatic fragrance, born from the sea storm that leaves its traces as marine woods on the sand.…


    Top : Bergamot, Lemon, Sea Breeze

    Middle : Sambac Jasmine, Sage

    Base :Marine Woods, Tonka Beans, White Musk


    The Italy of the Dolce Vita can perhaps be described as a singular mix of ancient and modern, and it is from this mix of Italian-ness that the restyling of the “Classica” line into “Dolce Vita” was born. The same glass bottle to affirm the ancient Roman roots, with a newly styled cap designed to represent the ever-changing progress of this pinnacle. Inspired to look forward, its diagonal line recalls the icons of those decades, from the cut of a couture dress to the silhouette of wasps and sports cars, symbolizing aspiration to the top. The result is a diffuser that can bring a touch of eclecticism to any home, but at the same time will not feel out of place. Simply put, it does not claim attention, but elegantly makes a statement with its thoughtfulness and beauty, just like Italy.



    Elegant and refined, the glass bottle is made in Italy and inspired by Roman architecture and in particular by the simple but effective lines of the most important achievement, in terms of design: the Roman Arch, from which the lines of the diffusers are inspired, as well as the Roman dome. The label, strictly made of fabric and applied by hand, gives a touch of craftsmanship to the product, a clear reference to high fashion Made in Italy. The cap, made of fine ash wood, is left natural and defined with metal ferrule. The wicker is 100% natural. Finally, the case is made from a fine cardboard, composed of pure virgin cellulose fibers and finished with a hand-applied fabric ribbon that defines the fragrance.


    The best location for the diffuser is a central or walk-through area where the fragrance can circulate. An area that is not too humid and not too wide is preferable, to encourage greater diffusion of the fragrance. Placing the diffuser near air conditioners and heat sources is not recommended.

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