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Mr & Mrs Fragrance Pink Queen 02 Refill (500 ml)

$85.00 Regular Price
$76.00Sale Price

    All the fragrances of the Queen collection have been created by the talented Perfume Designer, Luca Maffei and are inspired by the Queens of contemporaneity


    Available in 6 sophisticated scents, created by the young and talented nose of Andrea Maffei, and made of precious pleated glass, our Queen will reign supreme in all the spaces you love


    02 - Orange, Flower, rose, sandal - Pink



    Floral, sweet and delicate fragrance.


    The orange blossom notes have an intriguing sugary touch that entices you to discover the fragrance, rose petals make the note sensual and delicate, leaving the bottom to sandalwood scents that give intensity to the fragrance.


    Olfactory notes: Orange Flower, Pink, Sandalwood


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