Dr. Vranjes Firenze 80g Candle Trio Gift Box-Rosso Nobile,Oud Nobile+Ginger Lime

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  • Dr. Vranjes 80 g Candle Trio Gift Box - Rosso Nobile, Oud Nobile + Ginger Lime

    The gift box consists of a trio of 80 g scented candles, in 3 colours and 3 fragrances. The ideal composition to give a touch of magic and an enchanting scented atmosphere...

    The set consists of :

    - A Ginger Lime candle in Pearl, an Oud Nobile candle in Gold and a Rosso Nobile in Tourmaline.

    All our scented candles are made exclusively in Florence by skilled artisans, with pure essences and certified waxes.

    Size : 25 x 10.5 x 10 cm