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Sedafrance Malaysian Bamboo Refill (198ml)

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  • Sedafrance Malaysian Bamboo Refill (198ml)

    Peninsular Malaysia is home to some of the largest and most culturally important bamboo forests in the world, where it is used to make everything from baskets to paper to sustainable building materials. Our tribute to this majestic plant is as crisp and natural as the bamboo itself, beginning with a layer of fresh green wood followed by the earthiness of amber and sandalwood, and finished off with a lightly floral grouping of tangerine flower, jasmine, freesia, lotus and tuberose. Keep your diffuser set refreshed with a 7 ounce glass bottle of high-quality, alcohol-free fragrance oil...


    Product Details:

    • Notes : Fresh green wood, amber, sandalwood, tangerine flower, jasmine, freesia, lotus and tuberose

    • Lasts approximately : 3-4 months

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