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Baobab Collection Sacred Trees Kamalo Candle (Max 10 - Maxi Max)

  • Sacred Trees - Kamalo

    Notes : Verbena,Lavender,Cedarwood


    In shades of turquoise and green, the Kamalo scented candle becomes a decorative object for summer homes. The baobab design is first printed on a biodegradable film using organic pigments. It is then applied to glass, which is heated to adhere to the material while retaining a certain transparency...


    The fragrance of the Kamalo candle has beautiful citrus notes. Verbena is revealed in the top note, giving way to lavender still in bud and dry cedar for a woody base note with all the lightness of summer...


    Burn Time :

    Max 10 - 60 hrs

    Max 16 - 150 hrs

    Max 24 - 400 hrs

    Maxi Max - 800 hrs