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Sedafrance Lavande Provencale Refill (198ml)

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  • Sedafrance Lavande Provencale Refill (198ml)

    The lavender plant's tiny purple blooms are known the world over for their rich perfume. In France and in the Provence region, in particular – the love of lavender extends to use in honey, syrup, sugar, tea and as an ingredient in herbes de Provence, the seasoning blend chefs have been using for centuries. Now we've teamed imported French lavender with herbaceous rosemary and a subtle touch of vanilla and musk to create the simple, elegant Lavande Provencale. Keep your diffuser set refreshed with a 7 ounce glass bottle of high-quality, alcohol-free fragrance oil...


    Product Details:

    • Notes : French lavender, rosemary, vanilla and musk

    • Lasts approximately : 3-4 months

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