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Baobab Collection Odyssee - Ulysse Max 24 Candle (U.P : $670)

  • Odyssee - Ulysse

    Notes : Lavender, Cedarwood, Lemon


    The Ulysse scented candle is made of glass decorated with a sublimation of blue and turquoise patterns. The glass lets the flame shine through like alabaster, giving it a refined and mysterious appearance. Its fragrance of lavender, cedar wood and lemon is reminiscent of the scent of lush gardens...


    The date when the Iliad and the Odyssey were written is a matter of great controversy, but most clues indicate that these works were written by Homer in the eighth century BC. The certainty of the poet's existence is still an enigma, but the fact remains that these two works are masterpieces of Greek literature. The Iliad tells the story of the Trojan War, while the Odyssey tells the story of Ulysses and his journey back to his homeland of Ithaca.


    The limited edition Odyssee collection of candles and diffusers is inspired both by the elegance of ancient Greece and by an aquatic microcosm invisible to the naked eye. Its fragrances are inspired by the agape that the muse Calypso gave to Ulysses, promising him eternal life...


    In order to be able to create these designs, we called on paper craftsmen based in the south of France. Recognized by the Japanese state as Masters of Washi, they worked closely with us to create graphic and organic prints. Using an Origami method, the paper is folded and dipped in different pigments. Like a blotter, the paper is tinted, creating a random and unique pattern. We used the sublimation method on glass for the first time and asked an Italian company to work on this project. Their expertise was primarily in decorating small-sized bottles. The high definition Japanese paper photographs were printed with natural pigments on a biodegradable film. The film is then placed around the glass and heated so that the decoration shrinks around it and becomes integrated into the material


    Burn Time :

    Max 24 - 400 hrs

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