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Baobab Collection DOME Women Candle (Max 10)

  • Women

    Notes : Magnolia,Rose,Musk

    Experience the incomparable sensuality and elegance of the DÔME Women scented candle by Baobab Collection. This exquisite candle is part of the exclusive DÔME collection and takes you into a world full of secrets and beguiling scents. The decoration on the candle glass is created like a graphic print.

    The round glass vessel of the Women scented candle is decorated with a decorative screen print in gold and powder pink, inspired by the feminine symbols of the feminine. The elegant screen print gives the candle a touch of luxury and sophistication that will enhance any room in your home. Unique symbol of the feminine The graphic pattern of the screen print represents the symbol of the feminine and gives the candle a special aura of femininity and elegance.

    Ultra-feminine scent of magnolia, rose and musk. Enjoy the sensual scent of powdery rose combined with the tantalizing aroma of magnolia and musk. This exquisite fragrance combination creates an atmosphere full of grace and femininity.


    Burn Time :

    Max 10 - 60 hrs

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