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Guzzini Wireless Table Lamp Soiree - White

SKU: GU-04580011
$480.00 Regular Price
$240.00Sale Price
  • Soirée is a table lamp with a simple, clean aesthetic, yet it turns light in pure innovation as well. Hi-tech, rechargeable, wireless and it becomes a tiny lantern when need be. Soirée is the perfect light for every moment. Soirée is a table lamp with a shade/ lantern and a stem in ABS available in several colours. The lantern is in PMMA in a glossy finish, there’s an external see-through casing and the light has a cover in ABS and a diffuser in see-through PMMMA. The light is fitted with 32 warm-light Leds and the soft-touch light switch adjusts the light intensity (from 5% to 100%), whereas you can use the top hook to hang the lantern or move it around. When the battery is empty a red Led switches on, when it’s full a blue light goes on. You can recharge the lamp via a usb port and a its lithium battery has a 12 hour life.

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