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Mr & Mrs George II Chrome - Fuchsia BT Speaker(FREE Fiorello Diff. - worth $99)

  • George II Soft Touch Fragrance diffuser is an innovative fragrance diffuser for capsule Mr&Mrs Fragrance Bluetooth® speaker.

    • 5 watt speaker

    • Multicolour LED light

    • Product size: 19 x 21.5 cm

    • Controlled through a Bluetooth App within a range of 10 meters

    • Adjustable fragrance intensity

    • 6-hour battery

    • George speaks while turning on, turning off and alerts when out of power

    • 3 months warranty from date of retail purchase. • USB charger cable

    •User handbook

    • 1 complimentary scented capsule (06 - Spicy Orange,Oud,Black Amber)

    Fiorello Diffuser – Orange


    Fiorello is an electronic fragrance diffuser with playful design. With the innovative scented capsule technology, it’s easy to use and perfect to perfume all the ambiences. Fiorello combines the coloured and playful style of its shape, designed for everyday ambient, with the fine technology of Mr & Mrs Fragrance Scented Capsules.


    • Electronic Diffuser, scented capsule technology

    • Fun colours, designed for People

    • Use with AAA size batteries or Charge with USB

    • Easily portable

    • Select various fragrance scented capsules to suit your mood

    • Perfect for gift


    UP : $99

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