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Locherber Skyline Tuscan Feeling 500ml Diffuser

SKU: LOC-440855

  • Fragrance : Aromatic, green, spicy, woody fragrance

    Notes :

    Top : Bergamot, Seaweed, Montalcino Grapes

    Medium : Wild Broom, Rosemary, Cypress

    Base : Sandalwood, Patchouli, Vetiver Saffron, Pine Wood Sandal


    TUSCAN FEELING leads us to the heart of Tuscany. Slow walks along tree-lined paths at the fi rst light of dawn, a soft ups and downs of hills, ancient villages and vineyards, silent and timeless places, the search of the pleasure in every gesture reaching its essence. As in a wild bike ride, aromatic hints bring to mind the fascinating Tuscan countryside...

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