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Linari Icona Room Spray (100ml)

$130.00 Regular Price
$117.00Sale Price

  • Richness and Singularity



    Top : Calabrian bergamot, black pepper and luscious Comorian ylang-ylang

    Heart : Fizzy black currant, Indian jasmine, carnation and seductive orchid

    Base : Aromatic patchouli, enchanting sandalwood notes and spicy Tahiti vanilla.

    LINARI-ICONA Room Spray 100 ml


    The essential idea behind the fascinating bottle design of the ROMBI LINE is the combination of the round cylindrical shape of the reflective gun-metalised Italian glass bottle with the contrary square shape of the rhomb pattern.



    The reflective surfaces of the three-dimensional rhomb pattern stand in contrast with the pure matt black maple wood lids and the luxurious black soft-touch labels. The diffuser comes complete with exclusive black evaporating sticks that emphasise the avant-garde look of this stunning product.

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