Zalto Denk'Art Champagne Glass 220ML (Set of 2)

SKU: ZA-11552
  • Introducing a new generation of mouth-blown, lead-free and dishwasher-safe wine glasses, the ZALTO DENK`ART Collection...

    From the first touch, each Zalto glass distinguishes itself from all other glasses. From the perfectly executed balance to the extraordinary design…This is glassware that stands at the rarefied point where form meets function…

    Traditional Craftsmanship


    A tradition of using only the most highly skilled glass-blowers working with a selection of the best materials is reflected in the fineness of each glass, echoes the delicate virtuosity of the great Venetian glass artists of the Renaissance...


    The curve of the bowls are tilted at the angles of 24 deg., 48 deg., 72 deg., which are in accordance to the tilt angles of the Earth. The ancient Romans utilised this triumvirate of angles with their supply repositories, to keep the content fresher & to improve the taste. Due to these cosmic parallels, a wine can reach its utmost potential in a Denk' Art glass, to get the best wine tasting experience...


    Gives the sparkling wines of the world a noblesse, while bringing out their best of their regional character.

    Dimensions : 9 1/2" height, 7.4 oz.

    Especially for : Champagne, Sparkling Wines, Prosecco, Spumante and Cava