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Baobab Collection Tsiraka - Diego Suarez Candle (Max 24)

$630.00 Regular Price
$567.00Sale Price

  • Fragrance notes : Orchid, Salt Flower, Ylang Ylang

    On to the North, Diego Suarez. An ode to the city of Diego Suarez, where the Mozambique Channel meets the Indian Ocean.

    The white sand beaches of the Diego Suarez region extend as far as the eyes can see and take on a golden tone at sunset.

    The Diego Suarez scented candle bears a cane-weaving motif in saffron yellow raffia with gold lurex stripes.

    Elegant, decorative, and colorful enough to brighten urban apartments, its ylang-ylang, orchid, and salt flower perfume will take you to an exotic coast with vibrant fauna and flora.


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