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Baobab Collection Delta - Okavango Totem (2L - 5L)

  • Delta - Okavango

    Notes : Bergamot, Absinthe, Indonesian Patchouli


    A magical eco-system, home to rare species, the Okavango delta brings together the aromatic fragrances of a land full of contrasts, aromatic notes of a landscape bursting with water and fruit. Bergamot unfurls its citrus notes, and gives way to wormwood, a plant with green leaves and herbaceous notes. This perfume's power comes from its base note of Indonesian patchouli, which gives it warmth and vivacity.


    Totem Okavango diffusers, available in 2L and 5L, are sophisticated and refined decorative objects. The hand-blown glasses created by our Polish craftsmen give off earthy-colored scrolls. Their aromatic fragrance reveals itself over time, with notes of bergamot, absinthe and Indonesian patchouli.


    28 cm | 2L

    36 cm | 5L