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Linari Amarena Diffuser (500ml)

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  • Affection and Transiency



    Top : Cherry Blossoms, Fresh Grapefruit, Apple, aromatic plum and juicy pinapple

    Heart : white-floral bouquet of lily of the valley, orange blossom and jasmine

    Base : Cedar and sandalwood, vanilla, almond, ambra and musky accords.


    LINARI-AMARENA Diffuser 500ml with black evaporating sticks


    Inspired by the unique Japanese tradition of the cherry blossom celebration, LINARI created the room fragrance AMARENA in stringent cooperation with Japanese scent experts and European perfumers. The creation exquisitely reflects the ease and purity of the cherry blossom and echo’s the arrival of springtime.


    AMARENA is characterised by its beauty, the tactile qualities of the velvet and its uniqueness in the home fragrance market with the finest snow white coloured velvet. Predominantly used as a home fabric, the velvet symbolises the marriage of home and fragrance in the most pure and sensuous way. The result is a perfectly designed object as well as an elite home fragrance.



    The exclusively brushed aluminium surface of the aluminium lid and luxurious label stands in contrast with the velvety surface of the Italian glass bottle. The exclusive black evaporating sticks emphasise the avant-garde look.


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