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When it comes to luxury lifestyle choices, the Royal Doulton naturally comes to mind. Royal Doulton is renowned for fine bone china tableware and pedigree collectables. After all, when it comes to class and modernity, you want the best and quality that can be offered, and Royal Doulton does just that, with a pedigree dating back to 1815.

One of the most prestigious fragrance range of Royal Doulton is Aroma Reeds. This line is made of the highest quality, with a unique formula resulting in a shelf life of over 7 months after opening.

Royal Doulton Aroma Reeds provide a flameless air freshener and make an equally effective centerpiece. A deceptively simple and elegant grouping of bamboo sticks - is both attractive and unusually effective. The reed diffuser oil travels up through the bamboo sticks and fills the room. Reed diffusers are inviting and offer each space its own unique fragrance.

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