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Sedafrance Sicilian Tangerine Room Spray (177 ml)

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  • Sedafrance Sicilian Tangerine Room Spray (177 ml)

    Sicilian Tangerine matches the juicy, intensely complex flavour of the tangerine with ripe melon, then balances both with the effervescent zip of grapefruit and green pineapple. Plus, aromatic rose, earthy musk, and rich sandalwood with a clean touch of Ozone to create a rich & fresh masterpiece. Create an instant atmosphere anywhere in your home with Sedafrance room sprays – now in a gold aerosol can. Easy to use and no messy nozzles. Perfect as gifts...


    Product Details:

    • Notes : Tangerine, melon, grapefruit, pineapple, rose, musk, sandalwood, and clean ozone

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