Linari Onda Diffuser (500ml)

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  • Breeze and Infinity



    Top : melon, cucumber, bergamot and sun-ripened lemons

    Heart :soft basil, Egyptian geranium and Spanish rosemary

    Base : White musk, amber and mossy chords.


    LINARI-ONDA Diffuser 500 ml with evaporating sticks


    The gorgeous design of the LINARI-ONDA diffuser represents an extravagant milestone. In contrast to the highly transparent, cylindrical glass surface is the deep black and abstract wave decor that organically surrounds the bottle.


    The minimalist, matt black screw-top lid made of solid bakelite as well as the label with an innovative soft-touch surface and fine gloss lettering complete the avant-garde look. The use of natural-coloured capillary sticks maximises the appearance of the puristic graphic decor.