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Mr & Mrs Fragrance NFT IFemale Scented Art Toy 75cm – Chrome Gold (Oak Wood)

$1,800.00 Regular Price
$1,620.00Sale Price
  • Mr & Mrs Fragrance IFemale Scented Art Toy 75cm – Chrome Gold (Oak Wood)


    A scented Art Toy, born from the imagination of Japanese artist Rumiko Takeda and inspired by the Metaverse and Crypto Art. Give an extra touch to your Art toy with a set of scented ears, included in the package: iMale will spread a very pleasant fragrance in your home!


    Description :

    • Product Dimensions: 36.8 x 31 x 75 cm

    • Chrome trim

    • Scented ears included

    • In the box you will find a small scented gift: iFemale the first eco-sustainable perfume for cars


    Use & Maintenance : 

    The finish of these Art Toys is the result of the fusion of the most advanced industrial technologies and skilful craftsmanship. The product is moulded with recyclable thermoelastic technopolymers with the latest generation rotational technology and then, subsequently, it is sanded by hand to make the surface perfect to the eye and touch and to allow the final treatment of vacuum metallization or industrial painting typical of the automotive industry. Any imperfections and/or slight differences in coloration are the result of the use of these technologies.


    Maintenance Instructions :

    Product maintenance: Clean the product with a damp cloth soaked in soap or neutral liquid detergents, preferably diluted in water. Absolutely avoid the use of ethyl alcohol or detergents containing, even in small quantities, acetone, trichloroethylene and ammonia (solvents in general).

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