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Locherber Black Matt 210g Scented Candle - Azad Kashmere

SKU: LOC-440198
  • Scented Candle in a glass jar, complete with a canaletto walnut lid.


    Fragrance : A floral, woody and powdery fragrance.


    Notes :

    Top : Bergamot I Heart : Moroccan jasmine, Lily Iris, Ebony Wood I Base : Vanilla, Patchouli Musk, Amber, Sandalwood


    Kashmir, land between Pakistan, China and India, where the water (“Ka”) of the rivers quickly evaporates (Shimir”); long-standing traditions, sultans and maharajah, famous fabrics such as Kashmere and Pashmina. Azad means “Free”: a fragrance for those who want to feel without constraints, delicate and enveloping...


    Made in Italy

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