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Linari Estate Scented Candle (190g)

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  • Balance and Dedication


    The infatuating freshness of a radiant summer meadow and the chords of ripe lemons, with a juicy green nuance, unite to create a distinct yet unmistakable light breeze. Underlying notes of delicate amber and musk sensually intertwine the senses.


    LINARI-ESTATE Scented Candle 190g


    The pure and luxurious design of the scented candle has been semi-transparently decorated from within. The silver mirrored exterior look contrasts beautifully with the oversized, light reflecting and transparent glass bottom. The wax coated cotton wick illuminates the room magically through the semi-translucent decorated glass.


    The natural coloured wax stands in contrast to the shiny surface of the large glass. The glass is capped with a precious zebranowood lid, embossed with a silver-coloured LINARI logo, that can be used decoratively as a coaster for this and any of the other LINARI scented candles or diffusers.


    The patented MaxEssence® scenting system is a specially designed liquid fragrance of high performance. It achieves a high efficient cold fragrance throw as well as an surprisingly intensive hot throw.


    Burning time up to 45 hours.

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