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Humble Bug LED Table Light - Gold Frosted

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  • Humble Bug LED Table Light - Gold Frosted

    Our cable-free Humble Bug table lamp is fitted with a big battery that powers up to 90 hours of light.

    • Battery powered & waterproof • Full aluminium body • Up to 90 hours of battery life • Dimmable in 3 steps • Charge via USB-C or via wireless charger • Optionally: integrate with your smart lighting system (Zigbee 3.0 – bridge required)

    Meet Bug, the newest member of the Humble family. The Humble Bug is like a gentle giant – larger than the rest, yet with a soft presence. A cozy mood creator that’s perfect for your terrace or living area. With a robust battery, the Humble Bug offers up to 90 hours of delightful light after charging.

    Charming Lamp with brilliant interior

    The Humble Bug is a wireless table lamp that subtly demands attention. It’s a statement piece suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Place it on a sideboard, in your study, or during an outdoor dinner. It adapts like a chameleon to your moment – whether cozy, romantic, or incredibly practical. Additionally, the Humble Bug pairs with your smart lighting, letting you control it through your phone, voice, switch, or motion sensor. Note: you’ll need a bridge for this feature. The Humble Bug operates on Zigbee 3.0.

    • Switch between 3 modes: candle, ambiance, and work
    • Charge the battery using a Qi charger or the provided USB-C cable
    • Enjoy 90 hours of light after 4 hours of charging
    • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use (IP65 waterproof)
  • Compatible with Philips Hue, Ikea Trådfri, and Tuya
  • Humble Bug: sturdy table lamp

    At Humble, longevity matters greatly. That’s why beneath the attractive exterior of the Humble Bug lies a modular, battery-powered system with easily maintainable and replaceable components. Even the LED bulbs are replaceable, extending its potential lifespan.

    Find the perfect Bug for you

    The Humble Bug comes in 3 variations. The beige table lamp is the friendliest and suits a Scandinavian interior. If you prefer something bolder or more modern, the matte black variant is an excellent choice. A guaranteed statement piece. The striking gold Bug commands attention in any room. Discover your match and order your portable source of light.

    Humble Bug includes:

    • Lamp and integrated LED source
    • USB-C cable
    • Carry pouch

      Material & environment

      - Base : Aluminium

      - Shade : aluminium, polycarbonate (pc)

      - Seals : Silicone

      - Weight : 0,64 kg / 1,41 lbs

      - Waterproof : IP65 - Waterproof


      Technical specifications

      - Light source : E14 SMD drum LED

      - Power : > ≤1W, 3,7V

      - Kelvin :  2600k

      - Dimmable :  3 levels (candle > ambient > work)

      - Aluminium shade :  10 > 21 > 52 lumen

      - Control :  Smart control, Touch button on side, button on bottom, remote control (sold separately)

      - Smart Protocol:  Zigbee 3.0 compatible

      - Battery capacity :  8240 mAh / 3.7V

      - Battery life :  Candle 90 hours / Ambient 43 hours / Work 22 hours

      - Charging :  Wirelessly (qi standard) or via cable (USB-A to USB-Ccable included)

      - Charging time :   Cable: up to 4 hours; Wireless: up to 5 hours (with 10W adapter)

      Wireless: up to 6 hours (with 10W adapter, available in our shop)

      - Adapter (not included) : 5V 2A (= 10W, recommended)

      5V 3A (= 15W, max)

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