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Flaming Queen 2 x Lush 200ml Diffuser (NOW : $99; U.P: $158)

  • Flaming Queen Lush 200ml Diffuser


    Lush Dawn


    Fragrance : Evergreen & Freesia

    Fresh Floral Tone from a combination of pear, rose and patchouli greets the morning and wakes the senses. Balanced by base of musk and sandalwood, it prepares for a refreshing and yet relaxing morning...


    Lush Noon


    Fragrance :Wild Mint & Bergamot

    Containing essential oil blend of eucalyptus, bergamot and lime on a base of woody lavender and caramel.

    Helps to cleanse the air and set the mood for an uplifting and energising environment. Perfect for a beautiful day ahead...


    Lush Dusk


    Fragrance : Wild Rose & Vetiver

    Unwind into the night with this essential oil blends of rose and jasmine.

    Tranquilise the mood for a romantic and relaxing evening...


    Lush Twilight


    Fragrance : Wild Lime & Tangelo

    Freshen your living space with this sweet, fruity scents to delight and ignite your senses.

    Lavished with notes of ginger tea, ylang ylang and clary sage on a base of musk and amber. Relaxes and prepare your mood for the evening after a long day...