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Fillerina 12HA Densifying-Filler Eye Contour Treatment Cream 15ML (Grade 5)

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  • Fillerina 12HA Densifying-Filler Eye Contour Treatment Cream (Grade 5)


    Fillerina 12HA Eye Contour Cream is specially developed for the delicate skin around the eyes.®


    Fillerina 12HA Eye Contour Cream contains 12 hyaluronic acids, 3 flasks and 2 elastins. The active ingredients penetrate the skin, where they protect and act as moisturizing, while providing fullness around the eyes, reducing lines and wrinkles. ®


    All creams can be used as part of your daily skin care, alone or in combination with other Fillerina products.®


    Fillerina creams are clinically tested.®


    All creams contain the same 12 hyaluronic acids, collagen and elastin as the Fillerina 12HA filler cure, just at a lower concentration.®


    • Grade 5 - Highest concentration of hyaluronic acids, and fits more mature skin with very deep lines and wrinkles.


    Features :

    • 12 Hyaluronic acids : - A combination of hyaluronic acids of different molecular size and weight.

    • Collagen-The collagen maintains and protects the skin and keeps it dense and full-bodied with a denser tissue structure, thus helping to firmer skin.

    • Elastin - Elastin is a protein fiber that, together with hyaluronic acid, keeps the skin elastic and resilient.

    • Rice oil - Increases the skin's natural regeneration process, nourishes skin cells with vitamins and antioxidants that slow down and prevent the aging process.

    • Sweet Almond oil - A softening and moisturizing oil that nourishes the skin without working oily.

    • Silica - A mineral that can contribute to normal formation of collagen and connective tissue, and therefore has a positive effect on the skin.


    Volume :  50ml

    Directions :  Smooth the cream across your eye-area both in the morning and evening


    Made in Italy

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