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Evelyne Prelonge Clutch Bag - Navy Blue

$250.00 Regular Price
$225.00Sale Price
  • Evelyne Prelonge Cosmetic Bag - Navy Blue

    Evelyne Prélonge is France-based luxury haute couture designer specializing in luxury faux fur products with an exceptional sense of touch. Evelyne Prélonge offers softness, elegance and luxury in your daily life.


    Manufactured by Evelyne Prélonge, the large shoulder bag in chestnut is as exquisite in its luxury, touch and elegance as it is in its functionality.



    Includes leather strap, detachable faux fur pompon and gift box. Approx. 12" x 13"


    With over 20 years’ experience in Haute Couture, Evelyne Prélonge has transitioned into home couture with a range celebrating all things faux fur, with an exceptional touch. From faux fur cushions, elegant tissue box covers to cosmetics bags, made in its workshop in France, each piece boasts exceptional softness to bring elegant comfort to your interior.



    Made in France

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