Dr. Vranjes Firenze Melograno Diffusers (250ML - 2.5L)

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  • Notes : Watermelon, Jasmine, Cassis

    For maestro Paolo Vranjes - the head of the Maison for over 36 years - this fragrance represents the challenging task of recreating an essence impossible to find in nature. He spent hours trying to find the fleeting smell of the red pomegranate seeds squeezed between fingers. He attempted to capture the soul of this fruit in an instant through his profound knowledge of scents...

    In the ambient fragrance, Melograno, the lively and elegant notes of the cassis, the sweetness of grape, and the freshness of watermelon blend to reproduce the taste of the crushed seeds between the teeth. Energising and perfect to adorn living spaces to give a pleasantly sweet sensation.

    Suitable for living rooms and kitchen. Perfect for events and special occasions...