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Dr. Vranjes Fico Selvatico 500ml Diffuser (U.P : $190)


  • Notes :

    Top : White Musk

    Medium : Wild Mint

    Base : Clover Spices

    In this ambient fragrance, the green freshness of the wild fig becomes a distilled form of pure energy, ideal to adorn living spaces. The crisp notes of the leaf and fig milk, with hints of freshly cut grass, are softened by notes of white musk...

    The inspiration of this fragrance comes from an olfactory recollection linked to the childhood of Maestro Paolo Vranjes and to the moments spent with his father. During summer walks, his father collected the ripe figs to eat, while Paolo, trying to imitate him, could only reach the lower branches with unripe fruit. The smell of the liquid that emanated was unforgettable to him and he wanted to recreate it in this fragrance...

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