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Dr. Vranjes Firenze Body Mist - Leather Oud (150ML)


  • A precious combination of opulent Middle Eastern oud and fragrant notes of Tuscan leather. An intense and luxurious scent, exotic and enveloping.The new fragrance is a hymn to the beauty of thehuman being, in all its forms and facets. Leather Oud is inspired by the personalities of unique people who, thanks to their genius and passion, have been able to leave an impact along their path of life. The same impact that those who choose this fragrance want to leave.


    A charming combination of refined Tuscan leather and precious Middle Eastern oud.The fleshy notes of rose, lily of the valley and raspberry introduce the fragrance; they bind to the strong and warm heart composed of leather and incense, and then flow into a round, soft and sophisticated base of oud, musk, vanilla and amber



    Perfumes and refreshes the body giving perfect hydration with every spray.


    Enriched with aloe and beetroot extract, it tones and envelops the body in a delicately scented cloud.


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