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Baobab Collection 'MYFBB' Trio Travel Candles Rio-Mexico-Miami (Set of 3)

  • 'MYFBB' Trio Travel Candles Manhattan-Paris-Mykonos (Set of 3)

    Rio: Its fragrance of bergamot, green tea and musk will transport you to the warmth of this tropical city.

    Mexico: Its gourmet scent of blackcurrant, freesia and cedar is a tribute to a Latin land rich in color.

    Miami: Notes of sea salt, maritime pine and cypress make this fragrance a true scent of sun and summer.


    A yellow box like the art deco buildings of South Beach, a tribute to Latin America, whose vacation spot is also Miami…

    Size : 3 x MAX06 (6 cm / 2.4 in)


    My First Baobab

    New collection of small candles - My first Baobab, in a creative packaging that brings together an olfactory identity closely tied to travels that we already celebrate with our large candles