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Baobab Collection Bohomania - Gyula Totem (2L - 5L) UP : $780 - $1500


  • Notes : Hyacinth, Almond Blossom, Moss

    The glass of the Gyula Totem is covered with a very decorative red and green print. Thanks to our expertise in brilliant sublimation, the texture of the washi paper shines through the glass. Its floral fragrance of hyacinth and almond blossoms, both subtle and vertical, will add a delicate touch to your home...

    For the first time, we’ve applied our sublimation technique to our large 2 l and 5 l fragrance diffusers. Gyula fragrance diffusers are available in large sizes as part of our handcrafted Totem collection, but also in a 500 ml refillable diffuser. Their white flower fragrance will fit into any interior that requires light and delicate olfactory associations.

    28 cm | 2L


    36 cm | 5L