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Banho - Citron Verbena Soap (150g/5.3 oz.)

  • Banho - Citron Verbena Soap (150g/5.3 oz.)

    An invigorating citrus feast packed with minty lemon and verbena. Banho’s silky formula contains shea oil for a smooth, nourishing lather. It gently cleanses and scents the skin with our best-selling Banho fragrance. Each bar is wrapped in vivid orange-and-blue packaging, part of the unique design heritage which has distinguished our brand for over 130 years...



    Notes :

    Top : Lemon, orange, grapefruit and verbena

    Heart : Lavender, rosemary, mint and basil

    Base : Musk and a pinch of vanilla



    Details :

    Lift your spirit with a guaranteed feeling of well-being.Banho’s revitalizing and zesty fragrance will give you an energizing boost and will exhilarate your senses while subtly scenting your skin.Deliciously fresh, this breezy fragrance is a stimulating citrus feast of lemon, orange, mandarin, verbena and basil, given added depth with musk and hints of vanilla.



    Ideal for :

    - A refreshing and invigorating wash.

    - Cleansing and softening your skin – Hands and body.



    Formulation :

    This Claus Porto soap is made with a 100% vegetable cleansing base and enriched with shea oil for a rich, smooth and creamy lather. Handcrafted traditions perfected over 130 years ensure our soaps are luxurious and long-lasting.

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