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Linari Ambra 500ml Diffuser(NOW:$260;UP: $520)


  • Devotion and Intimacy



    Top : amber note and spicy hesperidic accords

    Heart : rose, heliotrope and jasmine

    Base : white Texan cedar and sensual sandalwood, vanilla.


    LINARI-AMBRA Diffuser 500 ml with black evaporating sticks


    The diffuser flacon is the ultimate eye-catcher, extravagantly embellished with a decorative three-dimensional structure that reflects the light in different directions like a polished diamond´s facets.



    The character of LINARI-AMBRA is captured in a mystic glossy ebony glass. The exquisite and innovative velvet coated maplewood lid stands in contrast with the glossy and shiny surface of the glass bottle, and the luxurious woven black velvet label has been embossed. The diffuser comes complete with exclusive black evaporating sticks that emphasise the avant-garde look of this stunning product


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