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Recycled Paper


True Grace captures the fugitive essence of England. The inspiration of manor houses, village life and the garden brings our products to romantic life...

Lovingly produced in our factory in Wiltshire England our candles are hand-poured, using a range of renewable vegetable and natural waxes. Using non-GM European Rapeseed wax and Beeswax lowers the burning temperature of our candles and increases their burn time to allow our candles to perfume beautifully. We are committed to creating a special blend of fragrance oil, using non-alcohol based ingredients to produce elegantly scented glass jars for our elegant diffusers which are fashioned on Victorian apothecary bottles. Our use of raw materials, belief in employing the age old methods of creating candles and our care for the environment are our core values that reflect the honesty and beauty at the heart of our company...

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