Vitrail Silver Candle (Max 16 & Max 24)


  • Fragrance notes : Anise, Ambre, Musk

    Its perfume of anise, musk and amber will spread into your interiors, an invitation to embark on a spiritual journey.

    The limited edition Vitrail scented candles are inspired by the art of stained glass. This ancestral technique involves piecing together multicolored glass in designs either geometric or figurative that come alive as light shines through them, historically used both as architectural frescoes and decorative objects. Light softens the colored glass in the creation of a warm ambiance, an opportunity to look within for those who experience it.

    The Vitrail Silver is particularly inspired by the geometric designs of Piet Mondrian, the Vitrail collection’s scented candles are covered in a gold and platinum design delicately hand-applied to the glass, hand-blown by our artisans