Secret Spaces Scented Capsule

  • A new capsule fragrance collection consisting of six exciting scents conceived to arouse sensuality, accompanied by brief tales of passion and desire. It opens the category of erotic fragrancing, first-to-market with its dynamic concept.


    • Intrigante -  Echoes of citrus, oud, wood, black ambers, hashish. The Tantra speaks of ancient times, exotic ritual, transformation into gods. This is lost wisdom recreated and it leads to a delight-filled proposition.


    • X. -  A dense potion of musk, amber, balsamic, cinnamon, cumin, cyclamen. Thick perfume lingers. It’s hot inside, please open a window, breathe some fresh air. Wait for a heady breeze.


    • Temptation Ave.< -  A symphony of bergamot, forest herbs, pink musks, Indian jasmine. It starts to build, a slow stirring, then wild exploration. Or will it be just like the first time?


    • Out of Control< -  A serenade of leather, labdanum, pepper, incense, vetiver, patchouli. You said you wanted to be here and now you are. Surrender. Join the play. Game not over.


    •  Carnaletto< -  Strains of peach, vanilla, red cedar, ylang-ylang. A lazy dream awaiting the kiss. It is euphoria that you feel.


    •  Undercover< - Hints of plum and jasmine, orange and mystical roots of the forest. Deeper than a mystery, your journey into the unknown, the forbidden. You’re an agent of love, a shadow traveller.