Scented Cards for Closet/Drawers (Set of 3)

  • This scented card, as a set of three, will take care of a lovely and delicate fragrance in your closet and/or drawer, attractive for your cloths and other linen. You can use the card between your sock and underwear of hang it on the pole in your closet. You can choose from the four lovely fragrances from the Laundry Collection to enhance your favorite scent...


    Fragrances :


    •  Iris Fiorentino :  - Notes -Top : Fresh greens, lemon I Middle : Raspberry, rose, iris I Base : Vanilla, musk


    • Cotton Bouquet :  - Notes -Top : Bergamot I Middle : Eucalyptus, peony, marine notes I Base : Cedarwood, musk


    •  Comfort Woody :  - Notes -Top : Clary Sage, bergamot, spicy I Middle : Orange blossom, olibanum, woody notes I Base : Patchouly, oud, amber


    • White lily :  - Notes -Top : Tangerine, white peach I Middle : Rose, Lily, peony I Base : Sandalwood, vanilla, amber