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PDM Tween Mat - Emerald Green (150 x 270 cm)

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  • PDM Tween Mat - Emerald Green (150 x 270 cm)

    TWEEN by Sarinya Limthongtip of Srinlim Design Studio interprets costumes and jewelries worn by the performers of Likay, a form of traditional Thai performing art, into a modern graphic design pattern. Limthongtip modifies the colors and intricates embroidery details of sequins and crystals to create a pattern of a new mood and tone with an interesting reference to cultural value and aesthetics of ‘Likay’. The design also engages the technical aspect, materiality and spirit of the modern world, making it a wonderful representation of a vernacular art form and a source of happiness in everyday Thai can relate to.


    Size : 150 x 270 cm




    Designer : Sarinya Limthongtio, Srinlim

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