Palm - West Palm Candle


  • Palm - West Palm

    Notes : Sea Salt, Neroli, White Musk


    Bring breezy fragrance into your home with this West Palm scented candle from Baobab Collection. Inspired by tropical resorts and swaying palm trees, its fragrance sea salt, neroli and musk will take you to the lush shores of Florida. Decorated with a hand-carved leaf-inspired design reminiscent of palm leaves and finished in a cool blue, this candle will take you on an olfactory journey to a sunny escape.

    Palm Collection

    Since antiquity, the palm tree has been a mythical tree and subject of rituals that have persisted with an astonishing consistency over the centuries. The palm leaf has been an offering used in many religions or has given rise to the creation of delightful pictorial motifs, from Greco-Roman antiquity right up to the present day. The Palm collection pays homage to the tree from which it draws its name through a glass engraving shaped like its graphic leaves. The three candles in this collection are named after resorts inspired by the many palm trees that reside there. Thus the West Palm, Palma and Palm Springs candles take us on an olfactory journey to the confines of the island of Mallorca, the shores of Florida, and the gates of the Californian desert...