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Les Jardins Tradition Solar Lantern 300 Lumens (Small/Large)

$680.00 Regular Price
$510.00Sale Price

  • Les Jardins’  solar lighting pairs innovative design to create lighting which can transform any environment. We dedicate our passion to creating light with limitless applications to enhance your world...

    Les Jardins Tradition Solar Garden Light 500 Lumens with Frosted Glass (Small/Large)

    Tradition is a classic outdoor garden light—boxed form, natural teak frame, portable—redesigned to meet the eco-conscious needs of 21st century customers. Its fresh, minimalistic form is supported by the subtle rechargeable solar LED at the top of the lantern and its shiny, stainless steel handle for functionality. You will see Tradition used the classic way on a deck, tabletop or next to a comfy chair; or more unconventionally, as companion on a glamping trip or tree decorations. Let your imagination fly and create the ambience you desire with Tradition's flexible garden lights...



    • Smart solar module:

    o Charges automatically

    o Memorizes user settings (adaptive technology)


    • High Output: 500 Lumens of LED light


    • Life per Charge:

    o 5 hours in a row

    o Up to 200 hours when dimmed


    • 3 Positions:

    1. Preset on standby; motion sensor activated

    2. Permanent light output; motion sensor off

    3. Light and motion sensor off


    • Included:

    o Motion sensor

    o Dimming capabilities

    o USB cable


    • UV-resistant


    • IP 55 waterproof rating


    • Minimal maintenance


    • Assembled

    Dimensions :


    Small : 23W x 23D x 40H cm

    Large : 23W x 23D x 65H cm


    Made in France


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