Les Jardins BUMP Solar Lantern 300 Lumens


  • Les Jardins’ solar lighting pairs innovative design to create lighting which can transform any environment. We dedicate our passion to creating light with limitless applications to enhance your world...

    Les Jardins BUMP Solar Lantern 300 Lumens


    Playful. Portable. Practical

    BUMP is lightweight and always ready thanks to its diffuser body and aluminum handle.

    Les Jardins High Efficiency Solar Lighting ASB (Autonomous Solar Bulb- ASB300) emits a warm light (3000K) and generates 300 lumens. ASB300 – STANDARD– (300 LUMENS, 3000K, DIMMABLE, 1 BATTERY, 5 LEDS, 100% SOLAR RECHARGEABLE, RANGE: 4 hours at full power, up to 150 hours per charge if dimmed)

    Glow Wherever You Go

    Fill your outdoor space with a joyful and welcoming style, while reducing your carbon footprint with BUMP. Luminous and lightweight, our high efficiency solar lantern is embodied by a tapered 360* diffuser shell. Durable and scratch-resistant, this light is perfect for any occasion whether it be indoor or outdoor. A bright red or dark grey aluminum frame is accompanied by a swinging handle, adding a playful touch to our sophisticated lamp. BUMP solar lights are a perfect blend of sustainability and luxury, an ideal introduction to the solar lighting world...


    Bubbly And Luminescent

    Place one, two, or as many as you like to brighten up any outdoor space for summer parties. Move them around or leave them on your porch, BUMP suits any occasion, any place. Essential for late night walks by the ocean or glamping trips with friends, our lightweight BUMP keeps you company no matter where you are.


    Available in Red, Grey,Muscade

    Dimensions : 17W x 17D x 25H cm

    Made in France