Forest Butterfly - Fragrance for Car (Cucumber)

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  • Forest Butterfly - Cucumber

    Nature will bring you theatre, especially when you look and listen well. The stage is immense, the light majestic, the number of actors endless.

    In nature nothing is perfect and yet everything is perfect. Trees that grow curved, bended and still incredible beautiful. Not one of the human inventions can compete with this essence. With forest, the actors get on stage, to harvest applause, a leave, a frog, a snail and a beautiful butterfly.

    This show can start with magnificent smelling friends from nature. Every piece has an enchanting perfume, so they can travel with you in your car or keep you company at home, next to the mirror, the closet, toilet or hallway...

    The butterfly is available in black, white, blue and pink.

    Scent: Cucumis (family of cucumber and sugary melon)