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Dr. Vranjes Firenze Lavanda Timo 1.25L Diffuser (U.P : $470)


  • Notes :Provençal Lavender, Aromatic Herbs, Thyme

    This ambient fragrance is an affectionate embrace comprised of wild Tuscan lavender mixed with spicy white thyme. Lavanda Timo is perfect for places of wellness where you can relax, regenerate and devote time to yourself such as bathrooms, Spas and bedrooms.

    The scent of a lavender field floods the air, leading to a state of peace and serenity. This is the emotion that Maestro Paolo Vranjes met for the first time in Grasse as he admired the lavender expanse. But another scent had distracted him, some small thyme plants had managed to emerge from the expanse of flowers. A grand inspiration for an incredible combination.

    Made in Italy


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