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Dr. Vranjes Firenze Cuoio Radica Diffusers (250ML - 1.25L) UP:$140 - $470


  • Notes :

    Top : Leather

    Medium : Amber

    Base : Cedar and Briar Root Wood

    This home fragrance composed of notes of leather and briar root that sit alongside the robust flavour of patchouli and elegant amber. The harmony of the combination makes Cuoio Radica an intense and enveloping, spicy fragrance, perfect for providing energy for living spaces...

    This fragrance is created around two passions of Maestro Paolo Vranjes. The first being the air of a library with the scent of paper, bindings and wood. It is reminiscent of a thirst for knowledge. The second is his passion for cars and the odour of the leather interior. This combination is brought to life through the mix of leather and woody scents...

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