Deadorant Cream with Sage (50ml)

SKU: LER-062-025
  • Fluid Deodorant Cream rigorously alcohol-free that owes its effective action to highly advanced plant-based substances. As in the case of Shikimic Acid: it is obtained from Star aniseed which, combined with the absorbent action of Zinc Ricinoleate, as well as Coconut and Turnip Rape phytocomplex and Vitamin E, prevents unpleasant odours from developing whenever applied.

    Functional Substances : Extract of Sage, Zinc Ricinoleate, Shikimic Acid from Star aniseed, Vitamin E from Soybean, Coconut and Turnip Rape deodorant Phytocomplex, Jojoba wax Esters.

    Use : In the morning, after having cleansed your under-arm area, spread on a small amount of cream. The emulsion will immediately be absorbed, without being oily and without irritating your skin. It can be reapplied throughout the day.

    - 100% Made in Italy

    - Dermatologically Tested

    - 7 Tested Metals

    - Does not contain animal-derived ingredients

    - No Animal Testing