Coral Trilogy - Poseidon Candle (Maxi Max)


  • Fragrance notes : Musk - Cedar - Lily

    With its green and turquoise coral design, the Poseidon scented candle takes us to the mysterious depths of the Mediterranean Sea. Its aquatic scent draws its inspiration from the notoriously strong god of the sea. Once lit, the glass comes alive with turquoise flashes as splendid as the coral reef...

    Illustrating this trilogy, the artist, Cyril Destrade, depicts his take on the mysterious legend that recounts the creation of the marvellous coral reef. Legend has it that in an effort to free Andromeda from Poseidon’s chains, Perseus killed Medusa, whose head fell into the ocean. It was then that precious coral grew from her hair as it fell into the abyss...


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