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Baobab Collection Vezo - Anosy Grey Maxi Max Candle (U.P : $1280)

  • Vezo Anosy (Grey)

    Notes : Orchid, Salt Flower, Ylang Ylang


    Bring handcrafted design to your home with Baobab’s tactile Vezo Anosy scented candle. Featuring fish motifs embroidered with colourful raffia threads on a light grey background, this unique design is beautifully handcrafted by a women's cooperative in Madagascar. The candle's Malagasy name Anosy means fishing with a net, and the sumptuous orchid and ylang ylang scent follows the coastal theme and will evoke memories of beautiful beach escapes

    The Vezo people are a nomadic tribe living on the west coast of the island of Madagascar,mainly in the Tulear region. They are one of the last nomadic tribes of the island, with the Mikeatribe, and live mainly from fishing. They travel along the water, casting their pirogues whichresemble delicate birds on the horizon. They are also known as sea nomads, and the shape oftheir boats indicate their distant Indonesian roots

    The Vezo collection of scented candles celebrates this small nomadic people of the sea usinghandcrafted raffia stitch with fish motifs.With this collection, we continue our social actions in Madagascar for the sixth time and thankthe women of our cooperative for their dexterity and their ability to accompany us ever furtherin the sophistication of our creations

    Burn Time :

    Maxi Max - 800 hrs