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Baobab Collection Sacred Trees - Séguéla Candle (Max 10)

  • Sacred Trees – Seguela

    Notes : Cedar, Incense, Eucalyptus Wood


    In the series of woody notes featured in the Sacred trees candle collection, Atlas cedar wood takes center stage. This is reinforced by frankincense, which gives the fragrance its mysterious, spiritual identity. The more aromatic eucalyptus wood then reveals itself to offer a more aromatic direction to the fragrance.


    A large, bluish baobab is drawn on the sublimated glass like the imaginary guardian of an endangered land. The Séguéla scented candle is a true object of decoration in your home, with its glass decoration designed in the great tradition of African drawings. Its woody fragrance of cedar, incense and eucalyptus wood transports you into the imaginary world of a mysterious African land.



    Burn Time :

    Max 10 - 60 hrs

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